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As a trial, I am inviting short personal adverts from: (1) persons who can offer similar disciplinary services; (2) ladies who are too distant to become my pupils.  Adverts will be screened in advance, for obvious flaws, but I can take no responsibility whatever for the content of such adverts.  Please note, and respect, that no attempt must be made to groom a pupil to attend fetish parties and/or become an exhibitionist.  Such is incompatible with the philosophy of this website.

Nice to see that men are offering to treat women like this outside the home. Most women would now find it impossible to accept this from their husbands, where would it end? Visiting a third party is the only realistic outlet.
I have disciplined both men and women in their own homes for over ten years as punishment for misdemeanours or as part of a program of motivation to improve some part of their life.

I have a discussion by email prior to meeting. Sometimes we talk on the phone and often become long term friends, meeting for a coffee with no discipline taking place.

I live in West Oxfordshire and can be contacted by email
Is there nowhere were men can be be punished like this. Some of us carry guilt as well. I still have guilt from stealing when i was 12,and got off with no consequences.
I would be very interested in placing a notice offering similar services to yourself but to offer a visiting one where the lady might feel more secure in her own surroundings and maybe have a witness or chaperone either in the same room or adjoining whichever would be more suitable.I am aged 70 and live in East Berkshire and am prepared to travel a reasonable distance say upto an hour. I do not deal with single males under any Thanks
As a Mistress and co-owner of Studio House of Submission, I want to give you my complements for your website with clear information.
Best regards,
Traditional discipline administered to naughty that like to smoke, or give lip. Serious cases will result in a long hard bare bottom caning. Hurry up girls and face the wall, as you failed the English Entrance Exam here at Redlines College. I do not charge. For an appointment with Sir please text 07591768853, or send an email on bendright over36@
No timewasters or talkers please.
Hi, I am male- Mid 60s and based in Bognor Regis on the south coast of UK. I am an experienced provider of CP for mature women with a number of "clients" in a 50 mile radius that visit regularly (proof can be supplied). I make canes and paddles and some "furniture" for spanking.

I can accommodate - not B&B - by prior arrangement. Email "" call or text 07961382567.

Ladies if you feel you need a spanking, strapping, paddling or a good caning then get in touch.
Hi what a nice site this is!
I have enjoyed reading your information and would also like to introduce myself to any ladies looking for this type of 'treatment' and mentoring in the South Bucks area. I operate on similar lines to what is indicated, however am happy for husbands or others to accompany you to monitor your session or in some cases receive similar treatment either alongside or by themselves. I have over 30 years experience and have met with many couples who have found that sessions of this nature have helped with their on going relationship and are a good way for transgressions and grievances to be dealt with without recrimination. Tutoring and mentoring may also be available if required and all requirements and parameters are discussed in detail prior to attendance. Privacy and discretion is assured at all times and what happens is kept strictly within the confines of my study. In the first instance please contact me direct at Thank-you for reading
Hi, I am always looking for ladies to put over my knee and give their panty bottoms a good spanking right down to the bare bottom with my hand or slipper respecting their limits. I will switch if the lady wants to get her own back! so any ladies email me ... I am based in the Stockport area and will travel a reasonable distance to put a lady over my knee, so ladies if you need spanking email me
Hya a good site and im also a spanker for ladies
north west areas covered
I am 22 and in a well paid but very stressful job and I often feel that I can't cope I have however got financial commitments and must carry on
I suffer from bouts of depression which are just about manageable
I found your blogs very relevant and may get back in contact for a bit of therapy
I have not been spanked before but I read your ad on spanking personals and I am tempted to.think the unthinkable
HI, very good site . Im Dean 43 near manchester and an experienced spanker and beleive spanking should be given to naughty ladies over the knee by hand. Just a good straight forward spanking nothing else please e mail
I am a genuine mature Sir with a (long!) lifetime of experience. The ethos of this charming site is totally in tune with my own approach. Any enquiries will be handled with total discretion and directions to my web profile will be provided on request. Based in Dorset but travel considered in some cases.
great website interesting and definitly worth reading
hi we not far from you in swindon please call us if we can help regards david and gill phone 07850281650
I just wanted to say what a great site you've created and to say thanks for giving up the time it must have taken to build. It is has a warm and non threatening feel to it which makes it all the nicer to visit and browse. Kelly.
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I'm intrigued. Very. You've touched a chord and brought back memories of my mid to late teens.
What a fascinating blog you have Senior Tutor. I wonder how many ladies will have the courage to seek you out.
I don't think I would want to do this but it is a lovely idea