"Would the ABC System work for me?" - An Imaginary Conversation

Posted on 24th March, 2017

"I've been thinking about this ABC System"

"Oh yes?"

I've been wondering.  Do you think it would work for me?  Do you mind me asking?"

"No, I don't mind at all."

"Thanks.  So what do you think?"

"Well, first of all, do you mind being spanked?  Because if you object to that it's obviously a no-no."

"Yes, I realise that. I suppose I've got mixed feelings, really."

"Go on."

"Well, it's never happened to me, so, obviously, I'm a bit nervous about it"

"Fair enough.". 

"But I'm certainly curious."

"Do you mean just curious or, perhaps, more intrigued?"

"I'm interested.  Quite a bit, actually..  The thing is that I've a feeling it might do me a lot of good.  It also ties in with a feeling I sometimes get that I really ought to be punished for something, and it would be a great relief it I was."

"Yes, I sometimes feel like that as well."

"Do you?"

"Yes.  But of course I don't go around telling people."

"No, of course not."

"It has to be kept private."


"Okay, well it sounds as if you think being spanked is worth considering."

"Oh definitely.  A bit more than that, really, but I'd like to know more about it."

"Okay, we'll come back to that.  First, another key question for you.  Or rather two.

First, do you think you've got any bad habits? 

Second, do you quite often get annoyed and frustrated with yourself?"

"Yes to both."

"In that case, you're a prime candidate for the ABC system.  Bad habits can be very difficult to break, and you're probably not even aware of many of them - because they've become second nature.  The ABC System concentrates on rooting out bad habits which are the underlying cause of problems."

"Oh, well that sounds very useful."

"And very often, it's the bad habits that cause the problems that make you annoyed with yourself."

"That makes sense."

"So, if you can cope with the discipline, I'd say you should definitely be thinking of joining the ABC System."

"I wonder if I might actually like the discipline.  It's quite good to have high standards, and have somebody watching you to make sure you keep up to them."

"That's a fair point"

"Obviously it's not very pleasant when you break the rules, and get into trouble, but, in general, it's good to know you have high standards. You can feel proud."

"You might also find that you feel proud that you've accepted a punishment well, and with good grace."


"Yes, it can be pretty horrible having to turn up to a review meeting knowing that you're going to get told off and punished; but, once it's over, you feel proud that you've accepted your punishment properly."

"Are you saying that you can feel proud after a getting a spanking?  I think I'd feel very subdued and ashamed of myself; quite apart from the fact that I imagine my backside would be sore and smarting."

"If the punishment is fair, and you know you've deserved it, you'll probably find that it's precisely because you've accepted being ashamed and subdued and having your bottom smacked that you recover your pride again."


"I always feel very relieved when I've got through a caning, but I also feel proud of myself for taking it well and really gratedul to ST for dealing with me so well."

"That's very interesting."

"You'll probably feel the same, if you do it."

"I'm not sure about the cane.  I don't think I'd want that."

"I didn't want it to start with, either. But I came round to the view that it might be very effective for me.  And that's what I've found."

"Do you get it on the bare?"

"No, he thinks it's best to use it across a thin pair of trousers with nothing underneath."

"I bet it still hurts, though."

"It certainly does; but I can cope and it's a very good punishment.  It really gives me a jolt. The thing is that you don't just get whacked.  It's part of a sort of ritual which is all done very politely, quite formally, and makes everything seem inevitable.  Once you're told you're going to get the cane, that's it. There's no escape.  You get a lecture, and then maybe some lines which you have to write and then recite.  Then you get sent to stand outside in the hallway and wait to be called in.  The waiting is really nerve-wracking.  You can see and hear the room being prepared and you know you're really for it. When he finally calls you in, with your nerves on edge and feeling totally subdued and submissive, he tells you to go and face a chair and then bend over.  You have to bend right down and stretch to grip some low struts on the chair; and you rest your forehead on the seat. It means your bottom's stetched tight, and sticking up for him to aim at, and you feel completely vulnerable and crushed.  And then you get the first stroke and - God - it hurts.  You always try to imagine what it's going to feel like, and hope you can cope, but the first stroke is always far worse than you've imagined.  It's different from any other pain you've ever experienced.  Then you have to count it out loud, say why you got it, and brace yourself to get 11 more.  The standard caning is 12 strokes.  You think you'll never get through it; but you always do.  Then, once it's over, you start to feel very relieved, proud and, actually, really grateful to ST for punishing you so effectively and also safely, of course."

"Heavens.  That's certainly given me something to think about.  It sounds rather exciting, actually."

"It feels very much like a punishment at the time."

"Yes, I'm sure it does."

"It's not a game."

"No.  Do you get other spankings on the bare?"

"It's entirely up to you, more or less.  He'll do what works best for you.  If you want to keep some clothes on, that's fine.  If you think you need a bare-bottom, over-the-knee spanking. he'll give you that."

"What implements does he use, apart from the cane?"

"A wooden clothes brush and a belt-strap made of leather.  He also has a light strap which he sometimes uses on your hands - for instance, if you fidget when you're standing in tjhe corner."

"I think I'd feel very small if I had to go and stand in the corner."

"That's the point of it.  He makes you keep your forehead pressed against the wall so you can't move and you feel totally under control.  It makes you feel very subdued - but that can be a very good thing.  Mind you, the time does seem to pass very slowly when you're standing in the corner.  It seems to last for ever."

"I suppose that might be good for me, though.  What about lines?  Isn't it rather tedious having to write them; and actually rather humiliating."

"He would say 'humbling' rather than 'humiliating', but the answer is yes.  However, he's very good at setting lines which make you focus on what you've done wrong and why you're being punished.  They tie in well."

"What about the ABC reports?"

"They're very short and to the point.  The only problem with doing them is that you have to face up to what you've done wrong and the fact that you're going to get punished."

"It's certainly very interesting.  Tell me, though, do you think a spanking would do me good?"

"Probably, but I'm sure that several would."


"Well you did ask.  And, to be honest, I think you should also let him use the cane."

"You think I'm that bad, do you?  But from what you've said, I suppose you might be right.  Anyway, thanks for your advice,  I'm really grateful."

"Let me know if you take it further - but not the details, they're private."

"Sure, and thanks again."




This is for illustration, but some people may find it interesting and helpful.  I hope so. 


Further questions can be raised openly or in private.




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Corporal punishment is generally given on a pupil's bottom... but what about her hands?


I am bound to say that I tend to dislike strapping her hands BUT this may be sensible for a minor infraction or minor misconduct in a review meeting.  The strokes should be light and few.


 However, there is another occasion when one, two or three quite hard strokes of a strap might usefully be applied to each of the pupil's hands.  This is before a caning.


The pupil has been told she is to be caned, and how many strokes she will get.  Even if she has never been caned before, she will be sure the cane will create a very painful sting across he bottom and she will be conscious of how humbling it will be to have to bend over and present her bottom.


However, her trepidation can be made worse.  She can be told that, before she bends over for the cane, she will have to very submissively hold out each of her hands in turn to get a strap across it.  Holding out her hands is a rehearsal for the more abject act of submission involved in bending over.  The unpleasant sting of the strap brings it home that the cane is going to hurt.


This can be a useful refinement.


It should be no more than that, though.


If a pupil has misbehaved and needs to be punished, her general expectation should be that she is going to get her bottom smacked