The Role of Fantasies

Posted on 24th March, 2017

A pupil may sometimes fantasise about being punished in a particular way, but without her necessarily wanting it to happen for real.


This does no harm; and it may be that some aspect of a real punishment reminds her of her fantasy and makes the punishment even more effective.


There is no limit to the imagination but here are three illustrations:















In reality, punishments can often be very effective when given through clothing and, as I have said elsewhere, the cane generally works best through a thin protective layer that guards against superdficial skin damage.


However, it must be admitted that, on occasion, a fairly lengthy, but not excessively hard, bare-bottom spanking, given across the knee, does wonders for some grown-up girls.


There is no need to be shy.  It is best to be open with the Senior Tutor so that he can make adjustments that are tailored for each individual pupil.

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Corporal punishment is generally given on a pupil's bottom... but what about her hands?


I am bound to say that I tend to dislike strapping her hands BUT this may be sensible for a minor infraction or minor misconduct in a review meeting.  The strokes should be light and few.


 However, there is another occasion when one, two or three quite hard strokes of a strap might usefully be applied to each of the pupil's hands.  This is before a caning.


The pupil has been told she is to be caned, and how many strokes she will get.  Even if she has never been caned before, she will be sure the cane will create a very painful sting across he bottom and she will be conscious of how humbling it will be to have to bend over and present her bottom.


However, her trepidation can be made worse.  She can be told that, before she bends over for the cane, she will have to very submissively hold out each of her hands in turn to get a strap across it.  Holding out her hands is a rehearsal for the more abject act of submission involved in bending over.  The unpleasant sting of the strap brings it home that the cane is going to hurt.


This can be a useful refinement.


It should be no more than that, though.


If a pupil has misbehaved and needs to be punished, her general expectation should be that she is going to get her bottom smacked