Marks on the Bottom

Posted on 16th July, 2014

Ladies vary, but it should generally be possible to administer an effective spanking (with a flat instrument) without causing anything except temporary redness that should disappear overnight. 


Sometimes, the overlap of verious strokes may create a small patch of light bruising that lingers a little longer, but the mark will be faint and not distinctive.  It can be passed off as the result of a collision with the corner of a table etc.


For some ladies, it is vital not to be left with distinctive marks.  In such cases, the Senior Tutor takes great care to comply with the requirement.

(This can be done without undressing - with the pupil merely reporting the physical effects of a spanking.)


It may also be possible to administer an effective caning withour leaving lasting marks. This will depend, in part, on the pupil's constitution; but the main thing is to use a light cane, with only moderate force and not much follow-through, through a layer of clothing.  (The clothing protects against superficial skin damage). Again, the Senior Tutor will take great care in this matter, according to the circumstances.


After a pupil has been dismissed (and said "thank you") she goes straight to the bathroom to compose herself.  While she is there, of course, she can inspect her marks in a mirror. (If she feels the need, she can also douse a towel in cold water and press it against her bottom to ease the hot stinging.)


Sometimes, a pupil expects to be left with cane marks that take a couple of days or so to fade. She can view them when she goes to bed at night, and when she gets up in the morning, and remind herself that she has been soundly punished for having been a naughty girl.   


Where the authorised and agreed punishments for a pupil include both a caning and a bare-bottom spanking, the caning may sometimes be given first.  The cane is normally given through clothing.


Sometimes a lady may deliberately wear a tight skirt on the day after she has been caned, and get a frisson from people looking at the seat and not knowing about the cane stripes across her bottom.






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Thank you for your interest and supportive comment of 23 October, Audrey.
I don't doubt that you find it effective to be informed of your forthcoming punishment and then to be kept waiting to receive the cane.
A good position to receive the cane is bending over to grip the low struts of a chair with the forehead resting on the seat. I actually think a very thin pair of trousers, or leggings, is generally preferable to a bare bottom for a caning. The material seems to protect against superficial skin damage and thereby enable strokes to be given with a firmer and meatier follow-through. After the caning, however, it may be salutary to spend a few minutes standing in the corner (with forehead pressed against the wall) with a bare bottom to display the marks.
It can be effective to have to count each stroke and say why it was given. For example "One, Sir, for being bad-tempered and rude."
I hope these suggestions are helpful.
I've just discovered your site and the corrections which you offer, if I may say so, it's a very bespoke service.

I am very fortunate to be chastised when it's need, by my long term partner.
I have to say if he were not so resolved, I would certainly consider applying
to be taken on. My work is very demanding and I often return home in a foul mood after say a very trying drive. Although generally I don't realise what I'm like at the time, I'm usually told what to expect after dinner and that means the cane. It invariably does the trick and I'm a different woman as if by magic. One thing to add, I'm never allowed the protection of skirt or knickers but never resent it.

I hope this is of some encouragement to anyone in need but who has not yet taken the plunge.

Sincerely, Audrey C.



Corporal punishment is generally given on a pupil's bottom... but what about her hands?


I am bound to say that I tend to dislike strapping her hands BUT this may be sensible for a minor infraction or minor misconduct in a review meeting.  The strokes should be light and few.


 However, there is another occasion when one, two or three quite hard strokes of a strap might usefully be applied to each of the pupil's hands.  This is before a caning.


The pupil has been told she is to be caned, and how many strokes she will get.  Even if she has never been caned before, she will be sure the cane will create a very painful sting across he bottom and she will be conscious of how humbling it will be to have to bend over and present her bottom.


However, her trepidation can be made worse.  She can be told that, before she bends over for the cane, she will have to very submissively hold out each of her hands in turn to get a strap across it.  Holding out her hands is a rehearsal for the more abject act of submission involved in bending over.  The unpleasant sting of the strap brings it home that the cane is going to hurt.


This can be a useful refinement.


It should be no more than that, though.


If a pupil has misbehaved and needs to be punished, her general expectation should be that she is going to get her bottom smacked