Preserving Modesty: Keeping Clothes On

Posted on 31st May, 2014

To some pupils, modesty is very important - either initially or in principle.  The Senior Tutor, and the ABC System, caters for this.

A pupil may elect to receive corporal punishment (on her bottom) through clothing.  No undressing is required.

Provided that suitably thin and reasonably tight clothing (trousers, leggings or skirt) is worn over the bottom, a spanking (or caning) can be administered thoroughly and effectively.  The strokes will be made a little harder to compensate for the protection.

A pupil who keeps all her clothes on will still feel very chastened after she has been made to bend over to have her bottom soundly smacked.



A lady may enrol as a pupil of the Senior Tutor under the ABC system on the basis that either initially, or permanently, she will NOT be required to bare her bottom, or otherwise remove appropriate clothing, in order to receive corporal punishment.


Similarly, a new pupil is normally excused from receiving the cane unless and until it has been agreed that she now needs it and is ready for it.


Conversely, of course, the Senior Tutor accepts that some pupils require an otk bare-bottom spanking as a re-assuring and affectionate form of punishment, especially if they are feeling wretched about something.

Yet other pupils, may need to be caned, then sent to stand in the corner displaying the cane marks across their bottom, to help correct especially wilful and stubborn misbehaviour which has become persistent.


The Senior Tutor tailors a disciplinary regime which best meets the requirements of each individual pupil.  

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when punishing a lady I think it is important that their modesty is maintained at all times. All too often punishment is associated with embarrassment and humiliation of having to be seen bare below the waist, which as indicated is not the case. If a lady does feel that punishment would be better given on bare skin I always require them to position first and then to lower the clothing rather than removing it so only the area to be chastised becomes visible and hence preserves modesty. Ladies i would also suggest that when considering your choice of clothing for punishment, since pain is a primary requirement wearing of jeans or other thick absorbing are not suitable.



Corporal punishment is generally given on a pupil's bottom... but what about her hands?


I am bound to say that I tend to dislike strapping her hands BUT this may be sensible for a minor infraction or minor misconduct in a review meeting.  The strokes should be light and few.


 However, there is another occasion when one, two or three quite hard strokes of a strap might usefully be applied to each of the pupil's hands.  This is before a caning.


The pupil has been told she is to be caned, and how many strokes she will get.  Even if she has never been caned before, she will be sure the cane will create a very painful sting across he bottom and she will be conscious of how humbling it will be to have to bend over and present her bottom.


However, her trepidation can be made worse.  She can be told that, before she bends over for the cane, she will have to very submissively hold out each of her hands in turn to get a strap across it.  Holding out her hands is a rehearsal for the more abject act of submission involved in bending over.  The unpleasant sting of the strap brings it home that the cane is going to hurt.


This can be a useful refinement.


It should be no more than that, though.


If a pupil has misbehaved and needs to be punished, her general expectation should be that she is going to get her bottom smacked