Standing in the Corner

Posted on 23rd May, 2014


Standing in the corner is an often-neglected part of discipline, but it plays a very important role.


The pupil should be required to keep her forehead against the wall, under pain of severe punishment if she disobeys.  (A strap across her hands may suffice as a summary punishment and warning; but, if she persists, the clothes brush or the cane would be warranted for serious disobedience.)


The point is that she must feel trapped and powerless.  If she feels wilful or rebellious the experience will be horrible for her.  However, if she surrenders and submits to standing in the corner, the experience is not too bad.  Tedious, but also calming and a good opportunity for reflection.


The corner forces her to confront the fact that she has been punished for her bad behaviour.


The experience is particularly punitive if she has just been caned or spanked and she is required to display the marks on her bottom while standing in the corner.  She can't shrug off that and pretend it never happened.


Keeping the forehead against the wall also keeps her head bowed - in shame that she has misbehaved and had to be punished.


That said, after a caning or formal spanking, the recipient may well find that the corner also provides her with a sanctuary in which she can recover and compose herself before she is dismissed.


A pupil who has just been caned or soundly spanked will have had a huge adrenaline rush.  She will be very aware that her bottom is smarting quite fiercely, but she will also feel immensely relieved that her punishment is over. She will also be feeling very proud that she took her punishment well, and did not make an undue fuss even though it hurt.  She will be feeling both elated that she has taken her punishment and subdued because she had misbehaved and had to submit to the humbling and painful experience of having her bottom smacked by a stern tutor.


Sometimes, as a variation, the corner can be used before a caning.


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I normally allow a pupil to hold her arms by her sides, or in front, as she wishes. The key thing is to have her keep her forehead against the wall, so she feels under control.
30 minutes does, indeed, seem a long time in the corner.
10 minutes will often suffice; sometimes 15 minutes; and, for most offences, 20 minutes is usually the most that would be required.
A pupil in the corner does not need to feel that she is being stared at; she should merely feel that she is being checked from time to time, and seen to be meekly in her ignominious position.
I agree with the use of corner time as a way to increase anticipation of what is to happen before an application and again afterwards to allow time for the lesson aided by the 'sting' to be fully absorbed. As a general rule I allow candidates to retain their clothing for the initial wait and regardless of if they were bare for punishment, find baring the bottom to show redness and marks helps focus the mind for the period afterwards. The candidate in this position is not under constant surveillance and as it is carried out in a private house, the embarrassment / humiliation is only felt by the individual as a side line to the actual punishment. One other small variation is in that i tend to ask ladies to fold their arms at the back so that the bottom area becomes framed and there is no temptation to touch or fiddle!