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"I've been thinking about this ABC System"

"Oh yes?"

I've been wondering.  Do you think it would work for me?  Do you mind me asking?"

"No, I don't mind at all."

"Thanks.  So what do you think?"

"Well, first of all, do you mind being spanked?  Because if you object to that it's obviously a no-no."

"Yes, I realise that. I suppose I've got mixed feelings, really."

"Go on."

"Well, it's never happened to me, so, obviously, I'm a bit nervous about it"

"Fair enough.". 

"But I'm certainly curious."

"Do you mean just curious or, perhaps, more intrigued?"

"I'm interested.  Quite a bit, actually..  The thing is that I've a feeling it might do me a lot of good.  It also ties in with a feeling I sometimes get that I really ought to be punished for something, and it would be a great relief it I was."

"Yes, I sometimes feel like that as well."

"Do you?"

"Yes.  But of course I don't go around telling people."

"No, of course not."

"It has to be kept private."


"Okay, well it sounds as if you think being spanked is worth considering."

"Oh definitely.  A bit more than that, really, but I'd like to know more about it."

"Okay, we'll come back to that.  First, another key question for you.  Or rather two.

First, do you think you've got any bad habits? 

Second, do you quite often get annoyed and frustrated with yourself?"

"Yes to both."

"In that case, you're a prime candidate for the ABC system.  Bad habits can be very difficult to break, and you're probably not even aware of many of them - because they've become second nature.  The ABC System concentrates on rooting out bad habits which are the underlying cause of problems."

"Oh, well that sounds very useful."

"And very often, it's the bad habits that cause the problems that make you annoyed with yourself."

"That makes sense."

"So, if you can cope with the discipline, I'd say you should definitely be thinking of joining the ABC System."

"I wonder if I might actually like the discipline.  It's quite good to have high standards, and have somebody watching you to make sure you keep up to them."

"That's a fair point"

"Obviously it's not very pleasant when you break the rules, and get into trouble, but, in general, it's good to know you have high standards. You can feel proud."

"You might also find that you feel proud that you've accepted a punishment well, and with good grace."


"Yes, it can be pretty horrible having to turn up to a review meeting knowing that you're going to get told off and punished; but, once it's over, you feel proud that you've accepted your punishment properly."

"Are you saying that you can feel proud after a getting a spanking?  I think I'd feel very subdued and ashamed of myself; quite apart from the fact that I imagine my backside would be sore and smarting."

"If the punishment is fair, and you know you've deserved it, you'll probably find that it's precisely because you've accepted being ashamed and subdued and having your bottom smacked that you recover your pride again."


"I always feel very relieved when I've got through a caning, but I also feel proud of myself for taking it well and really gratedul to ST for dealing with me so well."

"That's very interesting."

"You'll probably feel the same, if you do it."

"I'm not sure about the cane.  I don't think I'd want that."

"I didn't want it to start with, either. But I came round to the view that it might be very effective for me.  And that's what I've found."

"Do you get it on the bare?"

"No, he thinks it's best to use it across a thin pair of trousers with nothing underneath."

"I bet it still hurts, though."

"It certainly does; but I can cope and it's a very good punishment.  It really gives me a jolt. The thing is that you don't just get whacked.  It's part of a sort of ritual which is all done very politely, quite formally, and makes everything seem inevitable.  Once you're told you're going to get the cane, that's it. There's no escape.  You get a lecture, and then maybe some lines which you have to write and then recite.  Then you get sent to stand outside in the hallway and wait to be called in.  The waiting is really nerve-wracking.  You can see and hear the room being prepared and you know you're really for it. When he finally calls you in, with your nerves on edge and feeling totally subdued and submissive, he tells you to go and face a chair and then bend over.  You have to bend right down and stretch to grip some low struts on the chair; and you rest your forehead on the seat. It means your bottom's stetched tight, and sticking up for him to aim at, and you feel completely vulnerable and crushed.  And then you get the first stroke and - God - it hurts.  You always try to imagine what it's going to feel like, and hope you can cope, but the first stroke is always far worse than you've imagined.  It's different from any other pain you've ever experienced.  Then you have to count it out loud, say why you got it, and brace yourself to get 11 more.  The standard caning is 12 strokes.  You think you'll never get through it; but you always do.  Then, once it's over, you start to feel very relieved, proud and, actually, really grateful to ST for punishing you so effectively and also safely, of course."

"Heavens.  That's certainly given me something to think about.  It sounds rather exciting, actually."

"It feels very much like a punishment at the time."

"Yes, I'm sure it does."

"It's not a game."

"No.  Do you get other spankings on the bare?"

"It's entirely up to you, more or less.  He'll do what works best for you.  If you want to keep some clothes on, that's fine.  If you think you need a bare-bottom, over-the-knee spanking. he'll give you that."

"What implements does he use, apart from the cane?"

"A wooden clothes brush and a belt-strap made of leather.  He also has a light strap which he sometimes uses on your hands - for instance, if you fidget when you're standing in tjhe corner."

"I think I'd feel very small if I had to go and stand in the corner."

"That's the point of it.  He makes you keep your forehead pressed against the wall so you can't move and you feel totally under control.  It makes you feel very subdued - but that can be a very good thing.  Mind you, the time does seem to pass very slowly when you're standing in the corner.  It seems to last for ever."

"I suppose that might be good for me, though.  What about lines?  Isn't it rather tedious having to write them; and actually rather humiliating."

"He would say 'humbling' rather than 'humiliating', but the answer is yes.  However, he's very good at setting lines which make you focus on what you've done wrong and why you're being punished.  They tie in well."

"What about the ABC reports?"

"They're very short and to the point.  The only problem with doing them is that you have to face up to what you've done wrong and the fact that you're going to get punished."

"It's certainly very interesting.  Tell me, though, do you think a spanking would do me good?"

"Probably, but I'm sure that several would."


"Well you did ask.  And, to be honest, I think you should also let him use the cane."

"You think I'm that bad, do you?  But from what you've said, I suppose you might be right.  Anyway, thanks for your advice,  I'm really grateful."

"Let me know if you take it further - but not the details, they're private."

"Sure, and thanks again."




This is for illustration, but some people may find it interesting and helpful.  I hope so. 


Further questions can be raised openly or in private.




The Role of Fantasies

Posted on 24th March, 2017

A pupil may sometimes fantasise about being punished in a particular way, but without her necessarily wanting it to happen for real.


This does no harm; and it may be that some aspect of a real punishment reminds her of her fantasy and makes the punishment even more effective.


There is no limit to the imagination but here are three illustrations:















In reality, punishments can often be very effective when given through clothing and, as I have said elsewhere, the cane generally works best through a thin protective layer that guards against superdficial skin damage.


However, it must be admitted that, on occasion, a fairly lengthy, but not excessively hard, bare-bottom spanking, given across the knee, does wonders for some grown-up girls.


There is no need to be shy.  It is best to be open with the Senior Tutor so that he can make adjustments that are tailored for each individual pupil.

Showing True Contrition

Posted on 9th December, 2014

If a pupil's misconduct is sufficiently serious to warrant a caning - or a formal spanking with a wooden clothes brush - she is expected to show true contrition when the punishment is administered. 

Saying "sorry" is all very well, but an action speaks louder than words. 

When the moment comes for her to bend over, she should strain to bend down very low so that her bottom is stretched as tightly-bent as possible.  This will maximise the sting from each stroke she receives.  It will also ensure that her bottom is thrust up in a prominent and convenient position for her tutor to aim and deliver the strokes. 

The pupil is thereby recognising the authority of her tutor and submitting to his discipline, but she is doing more than this. She is also acknowledging that the punishment is being given to her for her own good and she is givng her tutor her full co-operation in carrying it out.

In effect, the pupil is signifying: "I have misbehaved and I deserve and need to be punished.  Here is my bottom comveniently presented for you to place cane strokes across it, and tighly-rounded so that each stroke will sting to maximum effect."

The pupil is also tacitly acknowledging that she has no say as to precisely where on her bottom each stroke will land.  That depends on her tutor.

I believe that a pupil can bend over in a truly contrite manner while retaining her clothing for modesty.

Obviously, however, any clothing needs to be stretched tautly across her bottom so as not to impede the force of impact.

The cane is normally applied best across a tight trouser seat. The thin layer of cloth protects against superficial skin damage, and thus permits strokes to be given with a reasonable "follow-through". 


I suspect that the distinctive feature of a cane stroke is that the thin rod burrows deep into the soft tissue which protects the main nerve endings which lie deep inside the buttocks.  The force of impact creates heat close to the main nerve endings, which causes local blood vessels to dilate in order to carry the heat away.  However, the dilation of the blood vessels (with each heart beat) creates pressure on the main nerve endings - and causes the sensation of deep, throbbing pain which cannot be rubbed away.


This also explains why the cane hurts more when the recipient is reaching right down and tightly bent over. Bending over stretches the soft tissue and creates a thinner layer of protection for the main nerve endings.

Marks on the Bottom

Posted on 16th July, 2014

Ladies vary, but it should generally be possible to administer an effective spanking (with a flat instrument) without causing anything except temporary redness that should disappear overnight. 


Sometimes, the overlap of verious strokes may create a small patch of light bruising that lingers a little longer, but the mark will be faint and not distinctive.  It can be passed off as the result of a collision with the corner of a table etc.


For some ladies, it is vital not to be left with distinctive marks.  In such cases, the Senior Tutor takes great care to comply with the requirement.

(This can be done without undressing - with the pupil merely reporting the physical effects of a spanking.)


It may also be possible to administer an effective caning withour leaving lasting marks. This will depend, in part, on the pupil's constitution; but the main thing is to use a light cane, with only moderate force and not much follow-through, through a layer of clothing.  (The clothing protects against superficial skin damage). Again, the Senior Tutor will take great care in this matter, according to the circumstances.


After a pupil has been dismissed (and said "thank you") she goes straight to the bathroom to compose herself.  While she is there, of course, she can inspect her marks in a mirror. (If she feels the need, she can also douse a towel in cold water and press it against her bottom to ease the hot stinging.)


Sometimes, a pupil expects to be left with cane marks that take a couple of days or so to fade. She can view them when she goes to bed at night, and when she gets up in the morning, and remind herself that she has been soundly punished for having been a naughty girl.   


Where the authorised and agreed punishments for a pupil include both a caning and a bare-bottom spanking, the caning may sometimes be given first.  The cane is normally given through clothing.


Sometimes a lady may deliberately wear a tight skirt on the day after she has been caned, and get a frisson from people looking at the seat and not knowing about the cane stripes across her bottom.






Preserving Modesty: Keeping Clothes On

Posted on 31st May, 2014

To some pupils, modesty is very important - either initially or in principle.  The Senior Tutor, and the ABC System, caters for this.

A pupil may elect to receive corporal punishment (on her bottom) through clothing.  No undressing is required.

Provided that suitably thin and reasonably tight clothing (trousers, leggings or skirt) is worn over the bottom, a spanking (or caning) can be administered thoroughly and effectively.  The strokes will be made a little harder to compensate for the protection.

A pupil who keeps all her clothes on will still feel very chastened after she has been made to bend over to have her bottom soundly smacked.



A lady may enrol as a pupil of the Senior Tutor under the ABC system on the basis that either initially, or permanently, she will NOT be required to bare her bottom, or otherwise remove appropriate clothing, in order to receive corporal punishment.


Similarly, a new pupil is normally excused from receiving the cane unless and until it has been agreed that she now needs it and is ready for it.


Conversely, of course, the Senior Tutor accepts that some pupils require an otk bare-bottom spanking as a re-assuring and affectionate form of punishment, especially if they are feeling wretched about something.

Yet other pupils, may need to be caned, then sent to stand in the corner displaying the cane marks across their bottom, to help correct especially wilful and stubborn misbehaviour which has become persistent.


The Senior Tutor tailors a disciplinary regime which best meets the requirements of each individual pupil.  

How Hard Should a Spanking Be?

Posted on 25th May, 2014

How hard should a spanking be?

It varies.

An OTK hand-spanking may not consist of particularly hard smacks, but there could be quite a lot of them.  The repetition of smacks on the same area builds up heat and stinging.  This could be a "loving" spanking - given to a pupil who feels especially wretched and foolish about her misconduct.

A prolonged spanking given with a solid object, and where the strokes are applied hard and with "follow through", should generally be avoided as there is a serious risk of bruising.

In my view, an especially punitive spanking should be given with a wooden clothes brush (or miniature cricket bat used for autographs), and the number of strokes should be determined in advance.  This permits for a controlled punishment where the strokes can be aimed at specific areas to spread them evenly across the pupil's bottom. 

Only the fleshy parts of the bottom should be struck.  Keep well below the level of the top of the crack.  How low to go is a matter of judgement; low strokes are not dangerous but can be very painful.

Twelve strokes is a good number.

The strokes should certainly not be applied ferociously - but they should be given quite a lot harder than the pupil would wish upon herself (at that moment).  They are punitive and should feel punitive.

A clothes brush spanking should make the pupil feel that her bottom is ablaze and it will be hot and stinging until bed-time. In time, however, the raging heat will subside into a rather pleasant warmth.

Pupils vary enormously.  Some will jump up and clutch their bottom.  Some will remain bending over, in position, until the punishment has been carried out.  The punishment may be equally effective on both types of pupil.

THE GOLDEN RULE is that the punishment has been imposed, and is being carried out, FOR THE PUPIL'S OWN GOOD. It should be made duly punitive and effective; but it should never be more severe than the pupil (1) deserves; and (2) needs. 


Sometimes a pupil will take 12 strokes of the clothes brush very stoically without a murmur and without moving.  On being told to stand up, and then being told she is dismissed, she politely thanks the Senior Tutor and then walks slowly to the door, in a dignified manner, and leaves the room.

She goes straight to the ladies'. 

She puts a flannel in the wash basin and soaks it in cold water.  It will be a cold compress to cool the hot stinging in her bottom

While she waits for it to soak, she pulls her trousers down ... and she rubs ...

She was very brave and determined not to let the Senior Tutor see her making a fuss.  But goodness, how that clothes brush stings!

Standing in the Corner

Posted on 23rd May, 2014


Standing in the corner is an often-neglected part of discipline, but it plays a very important role.


The pupil should be required to keep her forehead against the wall, under pain of severe punishment if she disobeys.  (A strap across her hands may suffice as a summary punishment and warning; but, if she persists, the clothes brush or the cane would be warranted for serious disobedience.)


The point is that she must feel trapped and powerless.  If she feels wilful or rebellious the experience will be horrible for her.  However, if she surrenders and submits to standing in the corner, the experience is not too bad.  Tedious, but also calming and a good opportunity for reflection.


The corner forces her to confront the fact that she has been punished for her bad behaviour.


The experience is particularly punitive if she has just been caned or spanked and she is required to display the marks on her bottom while standing in the corner.  She can't shrug off that and pretend it never happened.


Keeping the forehead against the wall also keeps her head bowed - in shame that she has misbehaved and had to be punished.


That said, after a caning or formal spanking, the recipient may well find that the corner also provides her with a sanctuary in which she can recover and compose herself before she is dismissed.


A pupil who has just been caned or soundly spanked will have had a huge adrenaline rush.  She will be very aware that her bottom is smarting quite fiercely, but she will also feel immensely relieved that her punishment is over. She will also be feeling very proud that she took her punishment well, and did not make an undue fuss even though it hurt.  She will be feeling both elated that she has taken her punishment and subdued because she had misbehaved and had to submit to the humbling and painful experience of having her bottom smacked by a stern tutor.


Sometimes, as a variation, the corner can be used before a caning.


A Cunning Minx

Posted on 23rd May, 2014


Sometimes, a pupil may try to influence what happens at a Review Meeting.

If she is cunning enough, she might get away with it.

However, in this case, the Senior Tutor will quickly see that the jeans offer little protection.

The minx will be allowed to keep her jeans on; but the Senior Tutor will make sure that all the strokes are hard enough to give her a very sound punishment.

A Spanking Tutorial

Posted on 23rd May, 2014

With her elbows and hands firmly on the seat of the chair, and her forehead rested on them, the pupil has her bottom thrust up and ideally presented to receive her 12 strokes of the clothes brush. 

One can see how soft her bottom looks, and sense how much a good, hard smack of a wooden clothes brush is going to sting.

How is the spanking administered?

Well, the striking area of the Senior Tutor's clothes brush is about 7 inches long and 2.1/3 inches wide.  Imagine a good smack planted on the upper right; another planted immediately below it in the middle; and another in the ultra-soft area immediately below that.  Those three smacks would cover most of the right side of the pupil's bottom - an area of about 49 square inches.

Three good strokes would similarly cover an area of about 49 square inches on the left side.

So that gives us a strategy.

Aim the first stroke upper right. "One, Sir."

The next, upper left. "Two, Sir."

The next, middle right. "Three,Sir."

The next, middle left.  "Four, Sir."

The next, lower right. "Five, Sir."

The next, lower left.  "Six, Sir."

The pupil now feels that her whole bottom is ablaze with the stinging pain.  More precisely, the intense smarting covers 49 square inches on each side.

However, it is not over yet.  Oh no.

The Senior Tutor now repeats the strokes, in the same order, to land on exactly the same places. 

This time the hard, smooth, wooden clothes brush lands on soft, reddened flesh that is already tender, hot and stinging from the first round of 6 strokes.  So numbers seven to twelve, which have to be counted, hurt a lot more than the first six did.

When the pupil counts "Twelve, Sir" there is relief in her voice; but also some grim pride that she has survived her ordeal and coped.

She would love to now rush to the bathroom and press a cold, wet towel against her crimson bottom to help relieve the hot stinging.  But this is not allowed yet.


"Yes, Sir."

The corner gives her time to think.

"Ooh, that really hurt quite a lot.  My bottom's seriously hot and stinging.  Still, I've survived it - as always - and I've got to admit I deserved it.  I wouldn't change my Senior Tutor for anything; he's very good for me."

As she re-entered the study where the Senior Tutor had just punished her, he gave her a big hug of forgiveness and reconciliation. She was consumed by a huge sense of relief that her punishment was over and she had atoned.  And she felt fiercely proud that she had shown the Senior Tutor she could take a caning with good grace.

Her bottom was still smarting - quite a lot, actually - but that did not stop her from feeling immensely grateful to him for taking her in hand and making her feel incredibly secure and cherished.  Indeed, the hot stinging was a good reminder that she had someone watching over her, and a sure sign that she would have some stripes across her bottom to admire in the mirror before bedtime.

As he hugged her - chastely but fondly - she recalled how events had unfolded.

After her various delays and excuses, he had ordered her, expressly, to return the library book, and pay the fine, by 5 pm.  And she hadn't.  She had forgotten.  Or had she subconsciously disobeyed him to see what would happen to her if she did? She wasn't quite sure herself.

She was quite sure what had happened next, however. When she reported the matter, she was immediately summoned to a special review meeting; and told to report wearing a thin pair of trousers.

By the time she reported, and knocked on the Senior Tutor's door, she felt very nervous and not a little bit scared.

As the Senior Tutor began to reprimand her, she also started to feel very small. He was calm, polite and formal; and he made it crystal clear to her that she had been blatantly disobedient and that she both deserved and needed to be severely punished.  With mounting dread, she suffered her reprimand meekly and waited to hear what her punishment would be. Whatever it was, there would be no question of arguing; she would simply have to accept it.

Eventually - in a quiet, still voice - he told her. She would get the cane: she would bend over to receive 12 strokes across the seat of her trousers.

She was then told to go to the loo and remove her panties - so she had no protection under her thin trousers - and then to stand in the hall outside the study and wait to be called in.

The waiting made her more and more nervous and scared. There was no question of getting out of the punishment, it was inevitable; but would she be able to take it with good grace, or even at all?  Or would it hurt so much - her thin trousres would give her very little protection - that she jumped up and wailed and generally made an exhibition of herself?  She was desperate to avoid making the Senior Tutor think she was a coward and a wimp.

The waiting was so horrible that the sudden panic - and sinking feeling in her stomach - as she was suddenly called in, seemed almost preferable.

She saw the cane he was about to use on her lying on a table, but she had no time to linger on it.  The Senior Tutor pointed to a chair placed against the wall, with its seat facing outwards.  

"Go and face the chair.  When I tell you to bend over, grip the low struts and rest your forehead on the seat.  Keep your legs together and straight." 

She went to the chair, the order came, and she did as directed.

Bending down so far thrust her bottom up and made it tightly rounded.  She could feel the thin, smooth material of her trouser seat stretching and clinging like a second skin to her soft buttocks. The position was so humbling and submissive that it would have been a punishment in itself.  But of course the punishment was far more than that.  She had to receive 12 strokes of the cane, and, after each stroke, to count it out loud and say "for being disobedient".

The sudden, explosive violence of a stroke of the cane landing was the more shocking because of the ritual civility and politeness that had preceded it. The whippy cane, its last 9 inches travelling at enormous speed, landed with a loud thwack and had the rest of its energy absorbed by her fleshy bottom.

She found the pain was more intense than she had been able to imagine; and made worse because she knew the Senior Tutor was making every stroke hurt a lot to signify his disapproval of her disobedience.  After 3 punitive strokes, she feared she would not be able to cope.

However, she persevered and, after 6 strokes he gave her a half-time pause to help recover herself a bit.

Eventually, she counted out "12".  Her bottom was ablaze but she had made it. She had jumped up twice - when she just couldn't help it - but on each occasion she had very quickly got back into position again.  She felt very proud that she had taken her caning bravely and co-operated fully.

The Senior Tutor then directed her to go and stand in the corner, with her forehead against the wall, and pull down her trousers to display her cane marks. She already felt so chastened and submissive that the order seemed perfectly natural.  And the humbling effect of having to show cane stripes across her bottom was somewhat balanced by her pride in showing the Senior Tutor how brave she had been to accept what he had done to her.

After what seemed an age, but was probably no more than 5 minutes, she was told to pull her trousers up but remain in the corner for what seemed another age (perhaps 10 minutes).

Then she was dismissed.  She said "thank you" and meekly left the room.


Now she was back and getting her hug of forgiveness.  This was followed by a glass of wine.

"I'm sorry I jumped up a couple times, but I just couldn't help it. I got back as quickly as a could. Were you happy with the way I took it?"

"Yes, you were very brave - and very co-operative and polite, as I expect you to be."

"Thank you.  I feel quite proud of that."  She paused. "Next time you cane me, it'll be better because now I know I can survive it; but also worse because I'll know what's coming next and just how much it hurts.'

"You expect to get the cane again, do you?"

"Yes, of course I do.  It's definitely a very effective punishment for me and I know I've got some really bad habits which need to be rooted out.  So I'm sure you'll use it on me again when you think I need it again."

"Yes, I will.  That's my job."

"I know, and I really appreciate what you're doing for me."

She raised her glass.  "Cheers, and thank you," she smiled.

He smiled and then grimaced.  "I suppose the toast is actually 'Bottoms up when you deserve it'"

She laughed.