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This website honours the many civilised and intelligent ladies (over 18) who are competent and normally assertive in their lives but who sometimes feel a deep, private need to be calmly and firmly told off and then punished; which may sometimes include a well-deserved spanking or caning.


Strict confidentiality and privacy is absolutely essential.  As is, of course, personal safety.  


This is NOT a site for people who want to 'play' erotic sex games; attend fetish parties; or be exhibitionist.  Sexual activity, and any form of payment, is excluded. 


The site is concerned with genuine discipline, as necessary and deserved, for genuine offences.  This is coupled with praise for achievement, and general advice and support.  Because of the personal nature of corporal punishment, pupils must be adult ladies.


The site is set up to explore these matters in a discerning and strictly confidential manner.  We shall see how it develops.


You are invited to make comments on the blog page and/or to raise questions privately with the Senior Tutor via the contact page. 




This is a recommended disciplinary framework for a Senior Tutor and his pupil.


The Senior Tutor accepts a duty, and is then authorised, to discipline the pupil as she needs and deserves.  The pupil's interests must always come first.


The pupil produces a regular 'ABC' report on her relevant activities.  'A' points are triumphs; 'B' points are mistakes and misconduct; 'C' points are queries. 


The report is considered at a review meeting.  The Senior Tutor determines what punishments (if any) are required for 'B' points; and duly imposes them. Punishments are generally directed at curbing or modifying (sometimes deeply engrained) bad habits which are the root causes of mistakes and misconduct.


The Senior Tutor is firm but fair, polite and softly-spoken.


Standard punishments include:

A formal reprimand (which may go towards showing persistent misbehaviour).

Written lines to a maximum of 100; but normally 10, 20 or perhaps 50.

Standing in the corner, with head bowed and forehead kept against the wall, normally for 10, 15 or 20 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes, and with a maximum of an hour.

Light strap or ruler on hands.  Maximum of 6 strokes on each, given on alternate hands.

Spanking with a wooden clothes brush or a special leather strap (devised and made by ST).

The cane; as authorised.


A spanking or caning is normally given on the seat of the pupil's trousers or skirt, with her bending over a chair, gripping its low struts and resting her forehead on its seat. (This position presents the pupil's bottom well; makes her feel very submissive; and is both stable and safe.)  12 strokes is standard, but sometimes only 4, 6 or 8 strokes of the cane might be given.


A spanking and caning is meant to sting and smart a lot but, obviously, not to cause any real harm to the pupil.  The interests of the pupil are always paramount.


A pupil who is informed that she is to receive a formal spanking or caning will be told the number of strokes.  She will then normally be told to wait outside the punishment room (for between 5 - 20 minutes) until she is called in.  She will comply with all directions, and accept her punishment, meekly and with good grace.  When the caning or spanking is complete, she will normally be sent to stand in the corner for a while - partly to help her recover.


On being dismissed from a review meeting, the pupil will say 'thank you.'  In due course, she will return for a chaste hug to show she is forgiven for all offences.


A caning (or, for some pupils, it may be agreed only a formal spanking) is the most serious punishment.  It will almost inevitably be given for offences such as failure to complete a punishment (properly and on time); persistent misbehaviour (showing a complacent and arrogant attitude); insolence; a serious tantrum; or dishonesty.


If (and only if) it has been generally agreed and authorised in advance, there might be circumstances in which a pupil is required to bare her bottom to receive a spanking or caning. In general, however, the cane is best applied through a thin layer of tight clothing. (This permits suitable severity whilst guarding against undue superficial skin damage).


A pupil may appeal against being caned or spanked.  The punishment is then deferred for at least 24 hours, for re-consideration. 


Please see blog regarding otk spankings. 


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